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If you or someone you know has been denied disability or accidental death benefits, CALL RIGHT AWAY. There are always strict time limits for filing an appeal which should be stated in your denial letter. We will need as much time as possible to gather the right evidence to prove your case.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HANDLE AN ADMINISTRATIVE APPEAL WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY. Statistics show there is a drastic increase in the success rate when a qualified attorney handles your appeal.

Social Security And Long Term Disability

Persons who have enough work credits in the United States and become disabled can qualify for Social Security Disability. If you do not have enough work credits but meet the economic criteria, you may qualify for SSI benefits. There are complex rules for determining if you meet the federal government's finding of disabled. Retaining a qualified attorney greatly increases your chance of success by preparing you and your case for the hearing.

Accidental Death and Disability (AD&D) insurance claims often are denied whether purchased individually or provided through your employer. Employer provided policies are usually governed by federal Law (ERISA) and have special rules that your attorney must be familiar with. Insurance companies frequently deny these claims. It is very important to have an attorney involved early in the process to compile your medical proofs and strongly argue on your behalf.

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