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Michigan workers injured within the course and scope of their employment are entitled to Workers' Compensation Benefits regardless of fault. These benefits include:

  • Wage loss for the period they are deemed disabled
  • Medical care & vocational rehabilitation

To be considered disabled in Michigan, a person must be unable to do jobs within their education and training where they could make income equivalent to what they earned at the time of their injury.

Why You May Need An Attorney

Although injured workers are entitled to wage loss benefits as long as they are disabled, the insurance companies generally try to "cut benefits" as soon as possible. They will say the injury did not happen at work. Or they hire a doctor to examine the claimant and say the injury happened but it is not that serious or has totally healed. The third common strategy used to deny ongoing benefits to injured workers is through a vocational evaluation. Here the vocational expert opinions there are numerous Michigan jobs the worker can do despite their injury. Sooner or later, even severely injured workers are likely going to need an attorney to fight for them. We encourage injured workers to call the office for a free phone consultation. Even if you are currently being paid benefits voluntarily, it is wise to have an assessment of your specific case to make certain all appropriate benefits are being fully paid. If you like, Jami Jones can monitor your case free of charge so that when a question or issue arises, she knows your case and can provide you with the right advice.

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